The smartest way to manage all your Content, it's usage and billing in the cloud

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Sync and Store all of you content so your devices are always consistent.

Metered billing is a pricing model where the customer is charged based on their consumption

Many companies are now switching from a perpetual licensing model to subscription-based licensing. This pricing model can be a win-win for both the consumer and the business. It allows the consumer access to software they previously could not afford. We offer tools for content makers and their customers to make this happen.

Cloud4VR partnering with Stripe, automatically invoices your customers based  on their actual app consumption during each billing cycle saving your company valuable time and money.

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For who?

Everyone who needs to manage XR content and its usage from a single interface. 

Cloud4vr is a global, cloud-based platform for digital content securing, distributing, management and usage metering for XR devices. We support all Steam VR,  Oculus Rift and Android based devices (like Pico Interactive). 

Where it can be used?

Anywhere in the world 

Leveraging the infrastructure provided by our partner Microsoft with more than 54 Azure Data Centers around the world.

What are the benefits ?

Meter App usage

Change the standard for managing XR devices to focus on business-level, actionable insights on usage of apps rather than manage devices themselves. Software metering in CLoud4VR includes a number of built-in reports which allow you to monitor information about software metering operations.

Store your valuable apps in  the cloud

With Cloud4VR cloud syncing you you can enjoy access to your important XR applications anywhere your Headsets roam.

Encrypt your valuable apps with centralized control

Whether storing data in a physical data center, a private or public cloud or in XR devices, proper encryption and key management are critical to ensure sensitive data is protected. We use world class partners ensuring your apps are safe.


Cloud4VR eliminates complexity by seamlessly managing and distributing XR content in headsets 

Configure and deploy XR content in any headset, Simplifies complex provisioning, metering and distribution while maintaining content availability and granularity.  All from an attractive web interface.