Helping XR Content providers and their customers work seamlessly together

We’ve spent more than 2 decades in ICT creating usage based IT services.
After years in IT we started Pikseli our own VR Arcade  business spending 4 years  working with VR content producers, VR Arcades and their customers. 

Our goals

Providing a unique, easy to use interface showing the distributed content and usage of applications.

Our vision

Our vision is to change the standard for managing XR devices to focus on business-level, actionable insights on usage of apps rather than manage devices themselves. 

Global spending on AR and VR has been growing rapidly. 2021 is expected to see an increase of 78.5 percent from the previous year. 

Dedicated platform designed for service providers

We built Cloud4VR to help the people who provide XR content withoutt hassling.


The biggest issues in VR market appear when Content producers (XR Studio) and Service providers (for example Arcades or corporates who use XR Apps) try to build Content distributing and usage billing to work in their environment. Proper multi-tenancy is hard to do.