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Tower tag | VR nerds

Cloud4VR signs a contract with the largest VR-esports game in the world – aims to solve global licensing trouble


Finnish startup Cloud4VR is piloting a never-seen-before cloud-based platform and kicks off as a distributor to world’s largest VR-esports game. The company sets a higher mission to solve a global licensing problem in VR and XR industry.


Founded during the Corona pandemic, Finnish startup Cloud4VR is to start distributing the world’s largest VR-esports game, Tower Tag, in up to 600 VR-arcades worldwide. Such a high value contract right after the launch resonates to an exceptionally good business idea, Jan Hursti founder and CEO of Cloud4VR believes.


“The value of a contract is ultimately based on how much the game is streamed, so its value is difficult to accurately estimate even at this stage. However, the game is played by millions of people around the world and keeps growing”, he says.


“For us Cloud4VR is above all a business enabler. This allows us better margin and direct contact with the customers as well as makes business ultimately more transparent”, says Philip Steinfatt, Founder at VR-Nerds GmbH & Tower Tag.


Cloud4VR strives to solve a major problem in VR and XR industry


The contract is only the prelude to the shift of VR and XR industry, as Cloud4VR is due to solve the problem that has hindered VR and XR commerce right from the start.


According to Hursti, so far there has been hardly a few digital marketplaces available for VR and XR studios and none have offered a solution for direct invoicing nor distributing. For the first time companies are able to do direct sales without any intermediaries.


“Cloud4VR's ultimate idea is to solve larger distribution and billing trouble in VR and XR industry by automating the licensing process in both games and other virtual reality-based programs. This will virtually eliminate common challenges in the industry”, he says.


“Previously, as our licensing was based on a monthly basis, it posed the VR arcade parks to close their doors as the customer flow was unpredictable during the pandemic. This model will ultimately bring more stability to businesses even in difficult times”, says Steinfatt.


The platform helps businesses with a range of other features


In addition, the platform offers an ability to track and manage games’ usage which will significantly spare time from unnecessary work as the platform takes care of literally everything.


“The games will be downloaded automatically to consoles through a cloud allowing games running anywhere in the world. We also cooperate with Stripe, one of the world's largest automated billing companies which saves gaming companies a significant amount of paperwork.”

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