Starting your own app SaaS Business today

Offer our white-label Cloud4VR software to your clients easily, as part of your service and under your own brand

White-labeling Cloud4VR billing and distribution is the best way to provide software solutions to all your clients. With our platform we'll save you time and money. Start distributing your apps today,

1. Distribute apps on Devices

Upload your apps to the Cloud4VR. Apps are automatically installed on your organization user's devices. No end user intervention is required.

2. Create subscription, recurring, or usage based billing model

Create flexible customer pricing plans with Cloud4VR billing solution. Per minute usage or per month, you name it.


Accept online payments easily with integrations to Stripe payment gateway.

3. Benefit role-based access model

Global Administrator:  Manage billing rules, Distribute content on sites, add site operators on the platform.


Site Operator: Give your customers access to the Site portal to perform remote tasks for all your devices. Site operator could be for example be a VR entertainment venue staff or manager. 

End users: Users launch apps via Cloud4Vr Immersive content library.