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Embrace new business models with confidence with cloud-based Sofware usage metering and billing

Cloud4VR supports a variety of app types and deployment scenarios on Windows and Android based XR devices. 

Install apps on devices

You can sign and upload your XR apps to the Cloud4VR admin console. The admin manually upload and deploy updates of XR apps. These updates are automatically installed on user devices that have installed the Cloud4VR app. No user intervention is required, and the user has no control over the updates.

Create subscription, recurring, or usage billing

Whether you are a software or technology company, or even a business offering XR or other Apps as a service, the right subscription and usage-based billing makes it easy to close the books quickly and accurately. 

Role-based access control

Role-based access control helps you manage who has access to your organization's resources and what they can do with those resources. 

Global Administrator: Manage billing rules, Distribute content on sites, Create content categories etc. Operator: Performs remote tasks on Devices, and can assign content or policies to  devices etc. End User: Launch Apps from immersive launcher


Virtual Reality Arcades

Clou4VR is heart of Pikseli operations. 85.000 annual Visitors in 5 geographical locations with over 20 VR experiences. It’s a robust hardware design that is built to last, and that provides a friction-free consumer experience to keep customers coming back.

PIKSELI use Cloud4VR for

  • Updating and distributing content to headsets

  • Arcade Staff is managing content per site: setting game time, setting user profiles ( PEGI rates etc..)

  • Cloud4vr immersive launcher helps guests to choose from wide variety of VR games. Guest can change game by themselves

  • Eliminate time-consuming, manual invoicing and collections processes with studios. Studios send invoices to PIKSELI based on their game usage in our Arcades. 

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